#5 Bullet Proof Lash Retention

Not sure about you but with any business, quality is more likely to be valued than quantity.

In the eyelash extensions application business, we all want our clients to come back and most will if the results of retention are good. How long your clients lash extensions last should be the main objective of continuality your business.

Here are our top 6 tips for the best Lash retention 


While we all have our favourite lash adhesive we like to work with, it is imperative that a fresh bottle be used every 30 days. We understand that certain months you might not be fully booked out and you might not need to use the whole 10 ml bottle however we have our small 5 ml bottles available here. No need to do excessive shaking you don’t need any fancy shaking machine to make your already perfect adhesive work well. Just 30 seconds will do. This is probably the most important point for your application.


Without a doubt you will always need a clean surface to work on. There is always a disaster waiting to happen resulting in your clients coming back sooner than they should or worse. Always ensure there is no trace of mascara eyeliner, moisturiser or oily products that may create a barrier for the adhesive to adhere to the natural lash. How to clean client’s natural lashes before application is import. You can see how to do that here.


Your lash adhesive is a chemical and for it to work at its optimum potential the right environment needs to be present. The right temperature for most of this will be around 68 to 71°F with 40%- 60% humidity. Don’t worry too much about the humidity of your room it is the temperature that you need to be concerned about. However, if the humidity is too high we suggest opening your windows and doors to remove the moisture if the humidity is too low you may need a humidifier or something that releases water vapours into the air this is ideal if you have a heater. You will need a hygrometer to help you watch the temperature in your work room.


Lash adhesives in the past four years have developed very well. Glues now set very fast which means you should make sure a good bulb at the end of your lash extension before application is made. Like in this video.


Alopecia excessive hair loss and thyroid disease- hyperthyroidism excess oil production maybe contributing factors for lash extensions not lasting as long as they should on the natural lash please consult with your client as in-depth as possible to know the best solution to take.


We all want to satisfy our clients no matter what. The real reality is if you want to maintain healthy lashes and have your clients completely satisfied with your work you will need to apply extensions no longer than a third longer than the natural lash or even the same length. If they are too long they will be too heavy and will prematurely pull your natural lashes out.

Being a professional lash artist enables you to stay on top of the current trends techniques and tools to best deliver great work to your clients. 

Always remember to communicate with your customers this is an individualized service.

Happy lashing !