Leila Set

Leila Set

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The Leila Set

​Lash Extensions in the pack enables a HYBRID SET to be created. Any style such as Doll, Cats Eye or Squirrel is possible with this bundle.

  • Suitable mapping for all eye shapes
  • This kit includes a mix of C curl in classic and PreMade lash extensions
  • Use C curl shorter lengths on your inner corners for a very natural transition from short to long.
  • This set will include enough lashes to complete approximately 8 FULL CLASSIC sets
  • 1x 8mm, 0.15, C curl
  • 1x 9mm, 0.15, C curl
  • 1x 10mm, 0.15, C curl
  • 1x 11mm, 0.15, C curl
  • 1x 12mm, 0.15, C curl
  • 1x 13mm,0.15, C curl

PreMade fans

  • 1x 11mm, 7D, C curl
  • 1x 12mm, 7D, C curl
  • 1x 13mm, 8D, C curl
  • 1x 14mm, 8D, C curl